An ongoing research-proposal on co-housing and collective ownership models for reclaiming affordable  habitat quality in Athens

Co-Hab Athens is an applied research project aiming to elaborate collective ownership models as a long-term proposal for reclaiming quality of habitat & housing as a right in the center of Athens. It was initiated on Janurary 2016 with first thoughts coming through conversations with the research group on urban commons  Koino Athina.

Co-Hab Athens  aspires to be an exchange platform for urban researchers and activists on the issue of collective ownership. Focusing on the concept of decommodification of urban land we seek and  promote synergies  with existing paradigms that have successfully  been implemented abroad and with similarly oriented ongoing projects.

Co-Hab Athens, in the context of Greek reality, aims to:
– explore the existing legal framework and propose new one/ appropriate regulatory amendments
– cultivate the imaginary of collective property and familiarize  people in Athens with the principles and practices of cohousing
–  work out realistic scenarios and  prototypes of  alternative ownership of urban land and test them through pilot case studies in the center of Athens.
– create physical and online tools to  promote and support the idea
– engage in  international networks of cooperation and knowledge sharing


Insecurity of housing;
Energy poverty
Structural transformation regarding ownership;
Intense Commodification of housing;
Lack of neighborhood infrastructures;
Insufficient (and poorly maintained) public spaces;
Large percentage of inactive properties;
Ageing, poor quality building stock;
Unemployment and poverty;
Lack of social welfare, funding and state support;


How to address the new housing needs through citizens synergies beyond State intervention?
How to reactivate and upgrade existing buildings and public space in favor of citizens and neighborhoods?
How to create affordable housing quality?
How to resist neighbourhood gentrification and real estate speculation/commodification?

Tools & Methods

Community Land Bank, Social Cooperatives (Κοιν.Σ.Επ.), Co-app Platform, In-crisis Financial Alternatives, Architectural Interventions, Participatory Mapping, Time-sharing, Antiparochi revisited, Polykatikia,  Alternative Law Framework, Legal Innovation, Administration protocols, General Assembly, Social Engineering


Housing as a Right, Collective Ownership, Not for Profit, Self-organization, Equality, (Social) Diversity, Conviviality, (Cohesion), Democratic decision-making, (Sharing), Knowledge Building, Glocal Networking, Ecological vision, Urban Commons Infrastructure, Re-localisation of Economy, Neighborhood / Community


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