Workshop on Cooperative Housing | 27 August, ATHENS

(ακολουθεί ελληνικό κείμενο) CoHab Athens, the Collaborative Housing ENHR working group and the Co-Lab Research team invite you to a knowledge exchange workshop to discuss different models of collaborative and cooperative housing in Europe and their potential implementation in Greece. The workshop will give the opportunity to experts and researchers involved in collaborative housing initiatives all over Europe that will … Continue reading Workshop on Cooperative Housing | 27 August, ATHENS

“Co-housing Practices/Inventing prototypes for Athens”

4-days workshop & ongoing archive 26-28 October   Seed talks, discussions & parallel workshops 30 October           Summary- outcomes & discussion 26 October- 27 November   Ongoing archive of artistic practices: Housing as a Social Agreement Organized by Co-Hab  Athens, NetHood (Zurich),  INURA Zurich  & INURA Athens Hosted by #ThisIsACo-op Greek Pavilion, Giardini, 15th International … Continue reading “Co-housing Practices/Inventing prototypes for Athens”